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6 Years of GST in India is a journey of evolution of a revolutionary tax reform.

We are experts to help you in your ITC, Refunds, Surveys, Investigations, Notices, Appeal, Technology, Reconciliations, Classification, Litigation, Industry Representation, Retainerships, Second Opinion, Assessment, Self-Audits, AI-Tools, ERP-Automation, API-Automation, Health Checks, Policy Interpretation & Research, Tax Awards, Events, GST Training, Hiring of GST Staff from HOD to Tax Accountant level. Practical and Feet on the Street Approach for India GST (SGST-CGST-IGST).

CA Rishabh K. Sawansukha

Consulting Partner GSTStreet

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We attended GSTStreet trainings hosted by CII in Pune and found them relevant for our staff in Finance department to get more confident and in control of change.

l&D head of a leading mnc in india

GSTStreet helped us in creating outreach to more than 70 cities in India with multiple programs. Experience was very cool with the lean startup approach and scale.

Tax Vertical head in CII

Taxation is non-glamourous and quite stressful job in Industry with so many timelines and pressures to manage. GSTStreet approach makes it engaging and matter of proud for Tax Professionals.

Tax Head in large E-commerce company

Who can become partner @GSTStreet

  1. I am good in GST litigation strategy & drafting appeals
  2. I can hire tax talent at all levels
  3. I am Ai-Genie in GST and design GPT Solutions
  4. I have GST Consulting office in 2+ Cities
  5. I love ITC and GST Reconciliations
  6. I am passionate of Tax Training & Events
  7. I love policy research, writing and representing
  8. I have 10K+ followers on linkedin
  9. I am ex-Big 4 & member of global tax alliance / network
  10. I love Tax DD for high value M&A deal .. Time bound
  11. I can give 2nd or 3rd opinion with new dimension
  12. I can handle volume, pressure and reconciliations
  13. I can get you export / RODTEP benefits .. No worry

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